Dr. Mustafa YAŞAR

The secret of healing and beautification, and a long and healthy life, is hidden in one's own body. We remind him of this secret.

RTM System Founder

The secret of True Healing and a long and healthy life is hidden in one's own body and essence. We remind him of this secret.


The founder of the "Remember Generation Therapy Method" (RTM) system, which is a holistic medicine approach, Dr. Mustafa Yaşar was born in 1970 in İzmir. He completed his primary and secondary education in İzmir and his undergraduate education in Samsun Ondokuz Mayıs University Faculty of Medicine in 1994.


Questioning the understanding of suppressive treatment throughout his medical education, Dr. Mustafa Yaşar made intensive studies and researches on Physiopathology, which was not included in the curriculum at the time he was studying, but which investigated the formation processes of diseases. These studies were his first steps towards understanding the root causes of diseases.


In the same period, due to the limited opportunities in accessing information, he started working in the field of herbal treatments, especially through the resources he obtained from libraries. During these studies, he also benefited from the works of physicians such as Hippocrates, Diascorides and Avicenna. He realized the effects of body types on diseases and treatments, and the individual progress of diseases and treatments. He observed that serious successes could be achieved in many diseases that were considered incurable, especially to simple herbal formulations at that time. While doing this, he benefited from the experience and ancient knowledge of ancient physicians.


In this adventure, he realized that; these ancient approaches shed light on the formation mechanisms of diseases and what should be done in the name of treatment was shaped. It was in those years that the first herbal mixtures began to form. In this process, his first patients, friends and close circle were.


RTM is Developing Day by Day with New Structures and New Approaches…


Dr. There was a truth that Mustafa YAŞAR saw in the ancient works and the experiences of the masters; The motto of a holistic approach to human life is that there is no disease, there is a patient. This motto became the cornerstone on the way he would walk throughout his life.


After graduation, he started his master's degree in Pharmacognosy at Ankara University, Department of Pharmacy in order to improve himself in Phytotherapy, which is his first area of ​​interest in treatment on this path. In this process, he discovered that there are two approaches to phytotherapy, traditional and modern. It was also another detail that he noticed that modern phytotherapy is used in isolation as a raw material for many drugs. Because, apart from a few isolated buildings during the university years, not much information was given on this subject in the courses.


The learning process that started during his university years continued and he gained new information as it continued. Things were getting mixed up! Or was the journey back to the self just beginning? A modern approach that suppresses diseases, phytotherapy in which plants are included to make it a little natural, traditional phytotherapy approaches, applications according to body structures...


When he looked at the traditional treatment practices, he saw that many additional methods were also applied in the name of treatment. While taking a look at Anatolian cultural treatment practices, he started to focus on the methods widely used in the world. The first stop on the journey was acupuncture.


Traditional Treatments That Bring Humanity to the Present Come to Light


With the trainings he received in Russia, Korea and Germany, he started to practice acupuncture by increasing his knowledge and experience. However, something was still missing. Although acupuncture, which he used in patient practices, was approved by the WHO (World Health Organization), it gave an effective result in many problems, and sometimes it was insufficient. As a result of his research, he saw that acupuncture is part of the whole in traditional Chinese medicine. He found that in traditional practices, acupuncture was combined with other traditional methods (herbal cures, cups, etc.) in cases where it was missing or needed to be completed. In other words, there was a holistic approach in practice. But the modern practice, unfortunately, considered acupuncture as a single and simple one. As such, another touchstone came into play: “Integrity in treatment in addition to integrity in patient evaluation!” In other words, just as the patient's body, mind and spirit, beyond his body, mind and spirit, all his bodies are searched for traces of disease, a protocol that presents integrity had to be created in the same way when treating.


A Life of Tracing Healing


So how would the journey continue? Would he stop by saying that the training he had received was sufficient or would he continue his journey? As expected, he continued his journey and research. He received niche trainings in nearly thirty fields all over the world in order to reveal the most effective and permanent treatment. In each of these trainings, at the end of each training, "There is something missing in this training I received!" he continued on his way.


Finally, at the beginning of the 2000s, the RTM DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT MODEL reached its current form by combining the trainings it received with modern and traditional methods.


Yaşar moved his office located in Konak district to Menderes region in 2010, aiming to increase the effectiveness of the treatment system he created, in the face of the intense interest of his patients and the increasing demand. With this radical decision, Dr., who started to serve in nature, away from stress, in a wide area. Mustafa Yaşar has achieved another first in its field in Turkey.


In 2019, after the high demand of his patients, he opened his practice named RTM Clinic in Nişantaşı, Istanbul. Mustafa Yaşar established the RTM Academy in order to spread the RTM system and explain it correctly. In 2021, "Bogomolets National Medical University (NMU)", one of the well-established medical faculties of Ukraine, which was established in 1841, was recommended to be given the title of "Professor" in the Departments of Neurology and Sports Medicine due to its studies in the field of "Ingegrative Medicine" and on May 15, 2021 by the Ministry of National Education of Ukraine. was awarded this title. Offering the RTM Clinic Polyclinic in Istanbul / Maslak region in 2023 to the service of patients, Dr. Mustafa Yaşar is still in this clinic in an effort to be instrumental in giving healing to patients and to transfer these experiences to his colleagues.


The founder of the RTM system, Dr. Mustafa Yaşar, throughout his nearly 30 years of medical experience, never gave up on his pursuit of perfecting his treatment approach. Yaşar, who received his master's degree in Pharmacognosy at Ankara University Faculty of Pharmacy, has 40 years of experience in nearly 30 countries, mainly Russia, USA, Germany, South Korea, India, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, Azerbaijan, France, Romania, since the 1990s. He received more than 1,000 trainings, gave training and attended seminars.


Reaching his patients with both RTM Clinic, Dr. Mustafa Yaşar founded the NATURIN company, which provides services at international standards as a result of the R&D studies he started years ago in order to accurately present phytotherapeutics (herbals), which is the main application area of ​​the RTM model.


Continuing his studies in both national and international academic processes, Dr. Mustafa Yaşar also has many clinical studies.


Dr. The treatment techniques used in the RTM system, founded by Mustafa Yaşar, are applied in a personalized and systematic way, taking into account the special conditions of the patient and aiming for the best results. In the system where the diagnosis and treatment are arranged by considering the quadruple body structure specific to RTM, Dr. Mustafa Yaşar has expertise in methods such as acupuncture, cupping therapy, hirudo therapy, ozone therapy, PRP, prolotherapy, manual therapy / RTM manipulations, osteopathy, craniosacral therapy, reflexology, homeopathy, acupressure therapy; Phytotherapy is taken to the center and used as a harmonious and coordinated whole.


Dr. Mustafa Yaşar also continues his academic studies. Having close to 30 international aspects regarding the RTM system, Dr. The aim of Mustafa Yaşar's efforts in this area is to introduce the RTM system to the medical community in the national and international arena and to enable more people to benefit from this system.