RTM and Anatomy

From the outside, we seem to have only one body, but in fact, the situation is a little different. First of all, the information available in the DNA is transferred to the body, thereby providing bodily shaping and functioning. This creates the hidden, that is, invisible anatomy of the body, and according to this information, different body structures emerge. Human consists of four basic structures; therefore, it consists of four separate bodies. These; body body, electrical body, energy body and the channel body structures that connect these bodies.


We define the bodily body as the body structure that can be grasped and seen, included in diagnostic methods, and the center of physiological and chemical activities. The smallest building block of the body is the cell... As it is known; cellular activities form tissues, tissues form organs and systems. Thus, a structure with vital activities emerges.


If we look at the electrical body, let's start by saying that each cellular structure has an electrical field and function. These create a separate electrical field around the body. This electrical field, which protects the body like a shield, also coordinates body functions. The body structure called the electrical body actually constitutes our bioenergetic structure.


Tests such as "Electrocardiography (ECG)" or "Electroencephalography (EEG)", in which the electrical current in the body is measured, actually show the effectiveness of the electrical body... These examinations are performed by detecting the electrical field values ​​around the organs. This body emerges as a result of the transfer of information from the energy centers to the body through energy channels. The nervous system is actively used while the information coming from the energy channels is transferred to the body. The electrical fluctuation that arises as a result of this use also provides the formation of this body. The energy body is directly open to information, and with this position, it receives information from both the universal information center and other universal structures. With this information, the energy body both shapes and coordinates the body body. In other words, we can say that while the energy body is an informational demonstration center, the body body is a physical and chemical demonstration center shaped according to this information.


Energy channels, on the other hand, are the channels that connect the body body and the energy body. These channels, which are of great importance for the body to carry out its functions correctly, look at the energy dimension on one side and the object dimension on the other. For this reason, energy channels carry the information they receive from the energy field to the matter dimension, and the information they receive from the matter dimension to the energy dimension. While the information is transmitted to the relevant organ through 12 energy channels, the existing information in that organ is also carried back to the energy centers. Thus, energy channels transmit the damage in an organ or system to organs and systems on the one hand and to energy centers on the other. At the end of these transmissions, depending on the situation, some organs and systems are inactive, while others start to work more actively. Depending on the working irregularities in the organs or systems, the symptoms we call the disease appear.


Structural and functional coordination in the human body is provided by the seven-way connection between the four bodies we have listed. As a result of this coordination, both physical structures and functional abilities are revealed. While the body shapes of the person are revealed with the structural coordination, the set points are created with the functional coordination. These set points, which constitute the body's standards, are the "must haves" of the body's vitality...


Here we cannot think of these 4 bodies separately from each other in the RTM system. If they all work in harmony, health occurs, if there is a problem anywhere, disease occurs. We investigate all processes in the system by considering these four bodies, and we treat these four bodies by making them work areas.